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Cost effective ads served directly to the consumer you want to reach. It uses precise geography, demographics and behavior. Re-engage your prospect after they have left your website with re-targeting. On all desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.


The future of television, your ads served up with premium content, just not at a premium price. Cord cutting has jumped 48% in 8 years. CTV cannot be minimized or fast forwarded. CTV built into most new TV’s on the market. CTV ads are served anywhere you watch TV in home, tablet or mobile device.

Pre-roll/Geo video

Be on top of the consumers mind as they click into watch some of their favorite content and Videos online, like ESPN,  local or national news sites. This is the most recognized way to serve video ads on desktops and laptops and is geo and behaviorally targeted.


Hyper target a tightly defined geography area with your ads via cell phone triangulation. Re-engage your prospect after they have left the area on mobile and tablet Apps only.


Reach your customer via hyper targeted email campaigns that are geo and behaviorally targeted similar to digital display ads, right in their email inbox. Build your customer base and remarket to them with an Excel file easily migrated to your own database with 2-clicks on all desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

Native Advertising

Paid digital advertising where the ad matches the form, feel, and function of the content of the media on which it appears. (Takeaway: It looks like another news story featured on the site)

WRAP Digital Delivery Product

Delivers your marketing content via digital display, social media, text or email campaigns.

Guides the recipient on the marketing journey YOU want to lead them on.

Crisp, clean user experience with swipe left and swipe up features that today’s consumers are very familiar with.

These can include video, click to call, click to email, maps, directions, form fills and more.

Real time dashboard reporting technology. Know who interacts, when and for how long.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing/Pay Per Click/PPC)

Pay Per Click unlimited impressions, trackable and transparent data- measure your results.

Keywords can be optimized based on the results of your campaign, not impression based,

Designed to link customers directly to your website at that moment.

Facebook sponsored Posts

Enjoy more effective Facebook advertising with “ride-along” campaigns that take advantage of the known and respected brands that are Point Broadcasting stations and on-air personalities.  These Facebook ads prove to get more click through response since the Point Broadcasting station logos serve as marketing “yield sign” that commands a second look in today’s cluttered Facebook advertising landscape.

YouTube inserted ads

Tap into P4D’s YouTube expertise with geo and behaviorally targeted inserted ads.  (The ads you see before you watch a YouTube clip).

Radio Personality Digital Advertising

Tap into the immense marketing power of your favorite Point Broadcasting on-air personalities’ vast social media reach by having them post about your company.  Their fan bases are large and extremely loyal!

The most robust and transparent digital reporting in the industry!

See every single click, website your ad is served on, CTV platform, etc on every campaign, all with your own digital dashboard access.  See your campaign in virtual real time as it unfolds so we can work with you to assure that you’re always getting the best digital “bang for the buck” possible.  P4D also has proprietary campaign screenshot technology so you can also literally see the sites your ads show up on and the day and time they are visited!  Cool stuff!

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